“Play with Clay” Scout Nights  * If your Scout troop is looking for an activity more challenging than just painting pottery, you might consider playing with clay at Alpaca Art!  Plus when you choose a clay option, you get to enjoy two nights at Alpaca Art instead of just one!

Two Options:

  1. Play with Clay – 2 pieces
  2.   “Scout Badge” – 5 Pieces


Option 1: Play with Clay – 2 Nights $25/scout

On the first night, scouts will learn to make two pieces out of clay.  The scouts would come back in two weeks to paint their pieces. $25 per scout includes all supplies & instruction for both nights.

What will the Scouts make?

Each participant will receive enough clay to make two items.  We teach them how to make a coil pot as well as one other piece.  We choose coil pot for the first one because it is good for teaching them basic clay techniques such as slipping and scoring.  Other pieces may include slab pot, pinch pot or figurine.

If your troop has certain requirements to do a specific project, no problem!  Just let us know ahead of time.  You may be interested in doing our 5-piece option to meet these requirements.


Option 2: 2 Nights -$45 per scout 

(This option is sometimes not available.  Sorry for any inconvenience.)

How does it work?

Alpaca Art will review with the troop leader what is required for your scouts and will cater to your requirements including explanations of pottery terms, safety, use & operation of potter’s tools, equipment, & clay.

The Alpaca Art Boyscout merit badge councilor will then explain and demonstrate creations including slab pot, coil pot, pinch pot, figurines & how to throw a small pot on a potter’s wheel.

The scouts will have the opportunity to make the 5 pieces that were demonstrated, and will be able to spin a form on the potter’s wheel.  (Since we only have one wheel, scouts will come up one at a time.)

*Just to be clear, Alpaca Art does not physically provide the badges, just provides all services needed to qualify for it.

How does it work?

1.The first day will include many of the explanations & all clay creations.

  • Takes about 2 hours for up to 15 scouts, give or take a little.
  • If there are more than 15 scouts, it may take slightly longer since all scouts need a chance on the wheel.

2. The scouts will come back up to two weeks later  to paint their pieces. 

  • There will also be some explanations in the second week, including how the kiln works.
  • Second day takes about 1-1/2 hours.  Depends on how detailed scouts get with painting.
  • The pieces will be left at the studio for one last firing and may be picked up one week later.