Birthday Parties • Girls Night • Bachelorette Parties • Office Parties

*We provide you with all supplies  you need including paints, brushes, water cups, paint trays & all instructions 

*Pickup or Delivery is available and should be done the day before the event so you may paint on the day of your party, when it is most convenient for you. 

*After your party, everything will need to be returned to Alpaca Art (weather pickup or drop off) so pieces may be fired.  Your finished pottery will be ready 1 week after the pieces arrive back at the studio.  Alpaca Art will drop them off if the arrangements have been made. 


  1. $50 Deposit

-Deposit may be made at time of pickup or if Alpaca Art is delivering, at the time of reservations.

Deposit is to cover supplies but will go toward final bill if everything is returned. 

  1. Delivery Fee (no delivery fee for pick-up parties)

-Made at time of reservation

$10 up to 10 miles away from studio.

$15 for Deliveries11-15 miles away.

  1. Painting costs 

Price of pieces plus $7 per piece.


Extra Fees

$50 assistant fee if you want an Alpaca Art employee to assist with the party.