Alpaca Art Studio Pricing & FAQs

What is the cost?

Walk-in prices are just the cost of the pottery.  Price of each piece includes painting and firing.  (Pieces ranges $8 -$80).

What if I have to come back another time to finish my piece?

There is no extra fee to come back to finish your piece, however if you decide to hold a piece at the shop there is a $5 holding fee (per piece) to hold an unfinished piece at the studio.  Alpaca Art is not responsible for pieces left over 30 days.  Alternatively, you may take your piece with you and bring it back to finish at no extra cost.

Can I bring my own pieces to paint?

If you have a ceramic piece you want to bring in to paint, it will first need to be inspected by the Alpaca Art staff to make sure it is compatible with our glazes & kiln. 

If it is compatible, the price is $10/hour to work on it at our studio. 

This price includes use of studio, brushes, paints, clear glazing of pieces, firing & labor involved

What happened to the studio fee we use to have to pay?

We no longer charge studio fees except for odd occasions.  Now a studio fee is incorporated with the pricing of the pottery.