Party with Alpaca!


Celebrate your next occasion with us!  Make reservations by calling  262-657-4444!


How it works:

  1.  With 10 or more painters, you may reserve the party area.  *Weekend Time slots are Saturday or Sunday, 11-1pm.  *Weekday Times might be able to be worked out.

      2.  $35 Reservation Fee reserves the party area and includes extra help for the party along with a keepsake plate for the guest of honor.

      3.  Individually wrapped, fired pieces will have to be picked up by the party host, about one week from the party date.  Feel free to bring cake and snacks, or order in pizza! 



1.  $35 Reservation Fee is due at time of reservation.

2.  Party Packages:- available for Parties with 10+ painters.

$22  Banks & Boxes – Per painter.  Minimum 10 painters with reservation

Piggy Bank Party – Banks on party shelf might include: giraffe, elephant, seasonal sports, dogs, emoji, donut, etc.  Guaranteed to have 5 choices at all times.  

Box party -Boxes on party shelf might be: flowers, hearts, tile boxes, ice cream cone, cupcake etc.  Guaranteed to have 5 to choose from at all times.

$17 Packages: Salad Plate or Bowl Per painter.  

Plate, Bowl  –Design personalized dishes!  All are fully functional (microwave/dishwasher safe) and make great gifts!

$15 Packages: Mug or Small Figurine Per painter.  

Small Figurine party –Each painter will get a choice of figurine off of our party shelf.  Figurines in stock might be: Dogs, Cats, Fairies, Butterflies, snails & more.


3.  Decorations: (Optional)

Alpaca Art will add balloons and streamers for $20 extra.  You may also bring your own or enjoy the space without decorations.